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Anna & Matt, UAE

Nadya helped us bring the spark back into our relationship as well as become better parents to our children. Working with her was a beautiful experience, especially after we thought all hope was lost! Thank you!

Michelle, Netherlands

Why would you go to a life coach instead of a psychologist? It’s a question that is often asked with a very simple answer — life experience. In the case of relationships, Nadya’s various experiences have helped her to deeply empathise with my situation. She guided me to look at it from a new perspective and break through a pattern. Now, even more than before, I choose love over fear.

Jason, 33, Bangkok

I thought being able to get any woman I wanted was enough, but something was always missing. Working with Nadya opened me to the whole world of intimacy, vulnerability, feelings, connection...


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Steven, 54, USA

Nadya is genuine and authentic, funny, patient and humble. She guided me through a divorce. Don't let her age fool you, even though I am considerably older, I feel I learned so much from her.

Patrizia, 64, Brisbane

For years I had a very difficult relationship with both of my daughters. Working with Nadya helped me to take steps towards understanding what went wrong and realising it's never too late to become a better mum.

I just spent holidays with my children, first time in years. My heart is full!

Ana, 33, Russia

Nadya has a very sunny and supportive personality. She’s very nurturing and gives great advice based on years of experience.

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Sandra, 39, Canada

She is an amazing, kind, friendly woman with lovely energy. Nadya helped me a lot, motivation, support, always in great mood!

Katerina, 24, Czech

The most inspiring teacher in my life! So many times I’ve been hesitant, not confident, nervous and she always knew what to say, in a few words helped me a lot!

Mia, 35, Serbia

I was unfulfilled in my job, scared to go after my dreams. Nadya helped me see that life is meant to be lived and fear is a liar. In just a few sessions I found courage to take a leap of faith and follow my passion. It's working! Thank you so so much!

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Elizabeth, 59, Singapore

Losing job at my age, living in a foreign country, is scary and unsettling. Going for interviews, competing with people half my age - even scarier! 

Nadya helped me prepare, with patience, encouragement and by reminding me of my worth. 

I got the job! Thank you!

Helena, 43, Greece

Beautiful energy, straightforward, but lovely!

Klaus, 39, Germany

She is very approachable and knowledgeable. You can see that Nadya takes her role as a coach very seriously and she is very good. She was especially good with helping me find answers to my questions, she is very experienced.

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