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Your Vibe Attracts Your Tribe

In my early twenties, when I first scratched the surface of spirituality (in this lifetime), I remember the first big question and fear I had.⠀

I asked my older brother what do I do if I take this spiritual path and that makes me lose all my friends and dear people. ⠀

My heart was feeling it would change me and my mind was worried people around me won't like the change.⠀

He (my brother) smiled and said that whoever is worth staying in my life will find a way, they might embark on the same journey one way or another. The others will fall off naturally and nobody will be hurt in the process.⠀

These words are now obvious and simple to me, but back then the whole concept of resonance and karma was so foreign and mysterious to me.⠀

Looking back, most of people I was friends with back then simply disappeared, no big fallouts, no drama, friendships just dissolved.⠀

But... my two best friends at the time walked their own spiritual path and fast forward 12 years to this day:⠀

We all follow different gurus, but our longing for the Divine as well as our ultimate goal in life are the same. ⠀

All 3 of us live in different countries, different lives, but when we connect there is so much to share and we realise time and time again, we are walking side by side.⠀

The point being, if you are afraid of being judged for changing, people who would judge you, don't deserve you, nor will you have the desire or need to have them in your life.⠀

Take that step forward, do what your soul is longing for, the Universe will take care of the rest and everything will fall into place as always!

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