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Spiritual Ego And Judging Others

Updated: Oct 5, 2019

We all have the ego, after all that’s what keeps us alive. That feeling of individual self, the “I”. It makes sure you have food and shelter, and that all your basic needs are met. Now when the ego gets ugly it’s that attitude of me, me, me. When all we care about is how we feel what do we get etc.

There are many examples of ego acting out, but for the purpose of this text we are gonna focus on so called "spiritual ego". Once you partially transcend your ego, there is another level of it that can be potentially even more dangerous. It is known as “spiritual ego”.

So you have done some yoga, you visited couple of ashrams, made that life changing trip to India and all of a sudden, you feel like you’re on top of the world.


First, out of goodness of your heart you start preaching new lifestyle to everyone you meet. Explaining how amazing you feel now and that all of them can achieve it if they only do this and that. Your family and friends think you went bananas.

Then slowly by observing others not willing to change and adopt your new enlightened lifestyle, you start judging.

We have all been there!

We are shocked on a daily basis: "How can you eat meat?"; "You know cigarettes are bad for you?"; “You know, eating Nutella is killing monkeys in Indonesia?!”; "That straw is gonna end up in a turtle's nose."

Don't get me wrong, all these statements are true and valid, but if you express them with superiority, you are trapped in a spiritual ego. Look back on your life. How many straws, nutellas, cows, pigs etc. have you consumed. Before you "knew better".

Everything in the Universe has its own pace, its own dharma, its own reason and form of manifestation. Let the people follow their path at their own speed.

Once we realise that everything is sacred and has its existential purpose it is easier to show compassion and teach and preach in a more gentle way, hence reaching more people and having better chances of changing the world.

It might even happen that we won't get completely pissed off seeing photos of deforestation in Brazil, polluted Sacred Yamuna River in India or tortured elephants in Thailand.

Love and compassion! That's the cure our World needs ❤️

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