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The main thing that attracts people to us. And yet we give it up so easily and ignorantly during the course of a relationship.

When relationship is disharmonious and filled with drama, the more we try to get our partner to "love us" by pleasing them, not rocking the boat, crossing our own boundaries... the more we go into the state of fear and anxiety and the less spark we have!

And then they like us less, which makes us try even harder, which then leads to neediness and co-dependency, which is very unattractive and unhealthy way of relating.⠀

Spark is not something you can fake. It comes as a reflection of inner peace, contentment, spontaneity, zest for life...⠀

And no one, NO ONE is worth giving it up for.⠀

If you feel you are shining less and less, your playfulness turned into heaviness - f**king RUN!! ⠀

Relationship is meant to challenge and make us grow through mutual love, honesty and support, but not to kill our natural human spontaneity - our spark.⠀

Three days in a row, I have caught myself singing while driving a motorbike. Last time I remember doing that was 2016.😱

Recognise and step out of the abusive pattern and let your spark light the world! ✨❤️

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