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Self Love & Abundance

Word abundance is very often associated with money, but it is so much more than being materially rich. As a matter of fact, you can be wealthy and still not be completely in tune with the energy of abundance and vice versa - people of average income that live a life of abundance.

So it’s not something that is out there for us to fight for, definitely not something limited and available to a chosen few, abundance is the energy we need to tune into.

There are many tricks and practices for opening up to abundance, but today let’s discuss self love and how to develop it.

It might sound weird, what does self love have to do with attracting and manifesting abundance?

Well how will you get something if you don’t believe you deserve it?

Many of us grow up with childhood wounds of unworthiness or abandonment and very often we keep creating situations in our life that will prove our core belief that we don’t deserve love, money, health, happiness etc.

As a consequence we create a whole victimhood (lack) mentality which is very much the opposite to abundance mentality. 

Statements like: “Money doesn’t grow on trees.”, “Life is hard.”, “This always happens to me.”, “It’s just my bad luck.”, “I have always been this way…”. 

If you believe things will go wrong, they most certainly will.

And the more we believe in our bad luck the more mishaps happen and the circle never ends.


So what do we do to fall in love with ourselves?

  1. Doing things that make YOU happy, not your kids, not your partner or parents, but YOU. Make choices that are in line with your vision of life.

  2. Take care of your energy field, pay attention who you surround yourself with, after all we are the sum of 5 people we spend the most time with Clear your field from energy vampires (friends, partners, family), negative people, doubters… the ones that will tell you that your dreams are too big, put you down to make themselves feel better, discourage your ideas… Many of these people are not ill intentioned, they are probably doing it subconsciously or thinking they are trying to save you from future failure / disappointment. Or they just feel good around you because you are a positive, happy person and they unconsciously feed off your energy.

  3. Setting firm boundaries. If you are constantly depleted by being there for everyone but yourself, it’s hard to manifest anything in your life. Learn to listen to your gut / intuition and say NO when needed.

  4. Pampering yourself, alone time (movie, bubble bath, spa, dance, holiday etc.)

  5. Being able to receive compliments with a simple ‘thank you’. When given a compliment learn to accept it instead of denying or justifying it.

  6. Giving yourself compliments (in front of the mirror).

  7. One of my favourite practices to achieve any type of goals is writing them down every day.

Get yourself a nice notebook and every day write down following things:

  1. What do you love and appreciate about yourself? Can be a physical, emotional or mental aspect. ex. I am kind, I love my skin, I am resourceful, smart... etc.

  2. What are you grateful for today? Can be anything from sunny mornings to great health etc. Years ago I did #365daysofgratitude on Facebook. So the idea was to share one thing I was grateful for every day for a year. I can tell you after 20 days it became difficult. But persistent as I am, I didn’t give up and eventually I really started digging deep for things I was grateful for. It was a very difficult year in my life, but this practice kept me going and on the heaviest of days finding a ray of light. As a bonus in the following years Facebook would remind me of these little posts and make my day all over again. 

  3. What do you want in your life: self love, money, experiences, partner, health, a skill… Write it down in the form of sentences in present tense, like you already have it. ex. I have a beautiful home. I feel loved, safe and happy. I have clear boundaries and put myself first.

Sometimes I put little drawings of things from my list.

This single practice works magically if you are persistent and dedicated.

Don’t give up too soon, don’t give up until you achieve results, afterwards you wouldn’t want to.

Doing this every day took me from losing my job and long term boyfriend all in the same week to making great money and enjoying life fully only 4 short months after. 

To sum it up: prioritise yourself and your goals. Once you are on the right track and in tune with the natural flow of life, there will be more energy, love, money and time to give to others.

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