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Million dollar question: What do women want?

Updated: Oct 5, 2019

Many tried to answer this question and it is complex but yet simple at the same time.

As a woman, over the years, I wanted different things from my man, truth is usually I really desired what was missing.

Looking back I was never truly satisfied, if a guy gave me everything I asked for, I would get bored and maybe even lose respect for him.

On the other hand if another one gave me very little of what I wanted I would try to run away just as a manipulation, to wake him up to the possibility of losing me unless he does as I ask.

If neither worked to keep me content with a man, what is the solution.

I need to provide peace and contentment for myself, so the meeting with another soul becomes a celebration of two great, wholesome, awakened beings.

Coming back to the original question, what do women want...

Often times we don’t know ourselves and it changes as we mature, it depends on our childhood wounding, history of relationships etc.

None of these are your problem, please don’t try to please me, don’t try to fix me, don’t try to tame me.

What I need from you is to stay truly and apologetically in your integrity, please stay in your power. No woman is worth letting go of your power and no proper woman will ever truly want you to give your power away.

We will play games, we will manipulate, trying to ease the pain of that little girl we all carry around, the one that was hurt, neglected, abandoned.

Don’t fall into my manipulation, you can hug me, you can hold space for me if that’s what you truly desire, but don’t change who you are in order to please me. I will temporarily be grateful, but eventually I will resent you for it and you will surely resent me for giving your power away “for me”.

The only way for the masculine and the feminine to end millennia of wars is for both to step into their power, to provide safety and contentment for themselves and then meet the other in the wholeness of their being, not in order to fill the void left from unfulfilled expectations from childhood.

Let me take care of myself so you can better take care of me once you don’t have to anymore.

I free you!

Be your own hero, that’s what we all want from you, dear men!

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