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Is Complete Detachment Possible?

For years, through yoga and esoteric studies, I have been taught about detachment and how tantric path is the path of enjoying worldly pleasures but not getting attached to them.

In theory it sounds amazing, you get all the goodies and still remain spiritual. In practice it is a bit more complicated. I was trying for years and at times was reaching small peaks and glimpses of detachment.

Then also determining if you are detached or just indifferent is a big task. These two “feel” very similar to an unexperienced eye.

In detachment you can still love, have compassion, be kind, helpful and ready to let go of anything without feeling like you are losing something.

Indifference on the other hand comes from repressed anger and it makes us numb, careless, not moved by a situation, person etc.

In a recent medicine ceremony, the whole story of detachment became way more clear to me.

Bufo Alvarius

Complete detachment, while living in a material world is close to impossible. We need our ego to be able to relate to the rest of material existence.

As I was floating in egoless space full of nothingness, my mind would kick in occasionally trying to relate first to my brother - he was the one who told me about DMT experiences. Naturally I was looking for comfort and “shelter” with someone, I know loves me and have been through this experience before.

When it was impossible to even hold a thought of him in my mind it went into my ex boyfriend. As the break up was recent, I was trying to gain higher perspective of our complicated situation, then he disappeared.

Eventually I turned to my guru, “thinking” he is higher consciousness itself, I must be able to connect with him for help and guidance through this experience. Nothing would stick. There was no good, no bad, no love, no anger, no compassion, absolutely nothing to hold onto.

In our every day world, relating to other people is always exchange of some sort and includes attachment of the ego.

It’s ok to want to share a journey with another soul.

Once we go beyond our physical existence, there is nothing to hold onto, only surrendering to the nothingness.

But in our human world we can share joys and sorrows, hold each other, forgive, embrace and accept ❤️

We are all on the same path, just at a different point in our journey.

If you have someone who is at the similar spot, walk with them.

Hold hands and walk proudly and persistently.

Don’t go into silly arguments, trying to change and fix each other. Instead, help each other grow, reach higher consciousness together.

If nothing else - it’s more fun!

Know that your journey “together” will come to an end, but you won’t go separate ways.

You will both merge into sweet “nothingness”.

You will become one with everything that ever existed.

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