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How Are You Showing Up in Life?

How are you showing up in life?⠀

Are you taking responsibility for it or do you play a victim role, always blaming circumstances or other people for where you are at?⠀

For years I thought it's easy to spot a victim playing person as they would always be looking for pity, being needy, clingy, weak or sad. I certainly never thought it was me ⠀

Most of my life I took pride in being strong, independent, centred...⠀

As I started digging deeper and discovering my inner states, I realised that my victimhood was showing through manipulation, submission, shaming the other...⠀

I might have looked strong and powerful on the outside, but deep inside I was not feeling good enough, I was feeling like a victim and through controlling the other I was looking to feel safe, loved, respected, considered... all the things that I should have provided for myself first and foremost.⠀

By playing a victim you poison your relationships, putting incredible burden on your partner and you hurt yourself, as you give away your power once you assume the role of a victim. Basically you are admitting to yourself and the world that you are not in a driver's seat of your life.⠀

Moving from victimhood to self-responsability is the way to go towards mature relationships❤️

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