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Biggest Fear - Biggest Blessing

Your biggest fear might be your biggest blessing!⠀

Breakups are rarely easy, no matter if you are the one leaving or being left behind.⠀

When my last relationship ended some time ago, I was aware it was for the best. I did not want to go back to all the pain and suffering both of us lived through for over three years.⠀

I was ready to move on, but at the same time, we were both single, living inthe same neighbourhood, both kind of strangers on a new island we moved to and against my better judgement we tried to be friends.⠀

Every coach, therapist or a friend will tell you "no contact" is the way to go after a breakup. ⠀

But what I can tell you, we are humans and breakups are hard and things happen exactly the way they are supposed to.⠀

It's not your time until it's your time 😆

My biggest fear that whole time was the idea of him dating someone else eventually. My mind would go into spirals of overthinking and projecting. I tried to control the outcome...⠀

But then when that actually happened, my heart dropped for an hour and then as I was meditating to calm down and recover my balance it hit me: "This is a blessing in disguise."⠀


Ever since that door got closed, I am experiencing more joy, more peace, more excitement and spontaneity in life.⠀

Surrendering to what comes and enjoying every moment without overthinking it.⠀

If "the scariest possible scenario" happens, allow yourself to feel the pain fully, let it wash over you and then you will realise that it didn't kill you, it might actually turn out to be Divine Grace coming down on you.

Photo by @mosunomedia

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