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Are You a Saviour?

Are you constantly trying "to save" your partner or your loved ones?⠀


My nature is to be a fixer, I see a problem - I offer a solution, guidance...⠀

It's a beautiful quality, if people ask you for a solution.

But if they don't - shut the f*** up😆

If you see your partner falling into the same hole you have been in before, the most loving thing is to let them do it. Don't hold their hand, as they will drag you in. ⠀

And there is no reason for you to visit the same dark dungeons again

Don't try to guide them around it, it is their lesson to learn and they will have to learn it one way or another. So why delay it for them?!⠀

I know we all try to fix things out of love, but all we are doing is robbing our partners of valuable lessons and slowing down their evolution.⠀

Next time you feel the urge to fix or save, stop for a minute - feel all the unconditional love and compassion for your partner and instead offer that. ❤️

They might go through a painful experience, but your love will guide them better than any words or warnings ever could.

Be the bright light that shows them the way out, in silence and love!⠀

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