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A Year Following the Breakup

Endings are never just that, but a great opportunity for a new beginning.

Last year when I came out of a long and very difficult relationship, my heart was broken, but I didn’t feel broken, more excited for what’s to come even though I had no clue of what to expect.

Now I can reflect on the past year summarising the aftermath.

The relationship gave me 3 years of unbelievable growth and for that I am forever grateful!

Him and I tried breaking up countless times and it would never stick.

We were addicted to each other.

I was addicted to suffering, being rejected, reliving my father wound...

Love stays, but sometimes we need space to recover and regain control of our life. And the other person can’t be a part of that healing.

Even though it’s heartbreaking to not have them at all as part of our life it’s usually what will provide the fastest and most profound healing.

And I can tell that the times when he wouldn’t even talk to me, seeing me as the enemy... when he fell in love with someone else, almost marrying them, were the times of the biggest healing for me. The time when I had to look deep into my wound and at the same time experience being incredibly supported by the Universe, friends and family.

I blossomed. Peace and healing looked good on me.

Looking back, healing after a breakup is a rollercoaster. So many times I thought - ok, I am good now - then another emotion would hit and overwhelm me.

But each time it was less intense or I was stronger and more aware of how to deal with it.

The desire to be with him disappeared long ago. But there was still this feeling of “We will never work out, but he is my man, forever and ever”.

I was patiently taking it day by day, all the way to one morning very recently when I woke up and something was different.

He wasn’t my man anymore!

If you’re going through a breakup, be gentle to yourself, allow time to process, integrate, heal, forgive and move on.

The heart broken is the heart open.

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