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Passionate About Changing the World

I am passionate pursuer of happiness. I believe that the change in the world comes from

changing ourselves one small step at the time, day by day.

I studied world literature, have been professional photographer for ten years,

started a number of successful and unsuccessful companies, traveled and lived in many countries around the world.

I have a vast experience in tantra and relationships (polyamorous and monogamous).

One of my favourite subjects is ‘mentality of lack vs. mentality of abundance’, as it affects all areas of our lives.

I have co-created and taught workshop on this subject and how to use yoga techniques

in overcoming the lack programming and achieving goals.


Teaching and practicing yoga for 7 years in one of the biggest schools in South East Asia,

I gathered deep understanding on many subjects concerning every day life

(how to improve your health, diet, deal with heavy emotions, bring more joy into your life, how to love other people and yourself etc.)

as well as the more esoteric knowledge from traditional yoga to hinduism, buddhism etc.


I am a trained life coach, specialised in spirituality and yoga, relationships and personal growth.

My life’s purpose is to help people create better life for themselves and those around them, live and love from the heart, be content and empowered and most of all to embrace the abundance of life on all levels.


Through different workshops, retreats, healing sessions and my personal practice I managed to tap into and partially resolve deep childhood wounds and scars that I believe, keep us all in the circle of constant suffering.

After years of living in Asia, I have returned to Europe to spread the teachings of Eastern values and philosophies.

  • Certified Life Coach by Kain Ramsey

  • Certified Correction and Alignment Teacher 

  • Certified 500hr Hatha Yoga Teacher

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