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who am i?

In today’s demanding and high-paced society, happiness and contentment seem to be increasingly difficult to attain. Many of us sacrifice our (mental) health and wellbeing to pursue great ambitions, take care of loved ones, raise children, and many other life-long undertakings we as modern humans tend to commit ourselves to. We do this out of the desire to manifest something greater than ourselves and leave our mark on the world. In this process we tend to define who we are by our careers, relationships, children, and other societal aspirations we invest our time and energy in. The result is often that we lose the sense of who we truly are and end up feeling unsatisfied.


My path towards becoming a life coach started with a career as a photographer in Europe that lasted for ten years after which I moved to Thailand and established several small enterprises. Soon, I diverged from the conventional path and took a deep dive into spirituality and self-discovery, while exploring life on the other side of the world in South-East Asia. Alongside my work, I was in a polyamorous marriage for eight years and because having experienced life in these various environments and diverse ways of relating to my fellow human beings, I can confidently say I have gained a deep understanding of what is truly important to create happiness. When I felt I had experienced and survived enough of life's trials and tribulations, and had grown strong mentally, physically, and most certainly, emotionally, I decided it was time to consciously guide others in their journey of self-realisation. Not only to live a life containing more happiness, contentment, and abundance but  also to experience existence with more clarity and focus, feel more confidence and self-esteem, enjoy more energy and vitality, and manage with integrity.

I am deeply passionate towards creating and holding a safe space to help others. In my line of work, it is paramount that clients and I resonate. This is the only way to create a solid basis towards helping them overcome life challenges through awareness, self-love, and empowerment. In addition to my various life experiences, I have had years-long training in different mind-body-spirit methodologies in forms of tantra, the yogic philosophy, relationship therapy, and breath, energy, and sexuality work. All the experiences we have in our life, especially those during our childhood, have a pronounced effect on our body and brain. This subsequently influences how we feel, think, and ultimately act. Because I have embodied these and more practices, I can effectively help you to recognise where and why you feel stuck in life and teach you how to relieve yourself from the past and accomplish your desired future. 

Over the past five years, I have been assisting clients from around the world and various backgrounds and lifestyles, with opening up to life, having more fulfilling relationships and living with an open heart. Each one uniquely guided by different techniques that resonated best with them. My patience, nurturing energy, open mind, and ability to hold a safe space in the most vulnerable of times, have kept my clients loyal for years throughout their personal and career paths. You can find me between Spain, Israel and Thailand for face to face sessions and anywhere in the world for online meetings. 


It is my deepest wish that I may also accompany you on a profound journey towards crystal clear awareness, deep healing, and profound transformation, and assist you in becoming the most honourable and authentic version of yourself and reach your highest potential.

What I can help you with:

- polyamorous relationship

- healthy monogamy

- navigating through a breakup

- getting out of a toxic / abusive relationship

- dating a partner with BPD (Borderline Personality Disorder) or NPD (Narcissistic Personality Disorder)

- couple mediation

- couple coaching

- tantra coaching

- navigating dating world after being single for a while

- recognising your patterns of behaviour and adopting new ones

- recognising your childhood trauma(s)

- self love 

- confidence

- purpose

- fulfilment

With love,



How I Can

Help You

It's never just about the knowledge or experience of the coach, but also about the resonance between us. This is why the first session is free, so we can get to know each...
Introductory Session
30 min
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